Isaac Lovy

Technical & VFX Artist

Spline Tools

Unity, Tools, Procedural, Houdini, Molementum

This minecart track generating spline tool was used by Plushie Bomb Studios, a Champlain College capstone team, to quickly create spline based meshes for our levels in Molementum.


Early in working on the game, we found that we needed a way to create paths for the player that were easy for level designers to work with, that would follow nonlinear shapes. The first form of the tool was a C# script that would generate a tube mesh around a spline from the Unity spline package.


The level designers could place and tweak spline paths a ton before passing them along to artists to touch up in Maya and then place back into the level

When the needs of the team shifted to want more in-depth visuals for splines, a new spline tool was created in Houdini, one that could use authored meshes to create a more detailed output. The tool takes in mesh inputs for the planks, wooden beams, rails, bolts and rivets, and could be configured to use different inputs by an artist or designer in Unity. For collision geometry the old C# generator is used with the same input spline to create a simple collider for the track.